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CD and Digital Albums for "Hustle Up Starlings" are now available available for Immediate Delivery. Click the cover art above to choose the format you prefer!

CD and Digital Albums for "Hustle Up Starlings" are now available available for Immediate Delivery. Click the cover art above to choose the format you prefer!

Starlings Unadorned is now available for purchase and digital download exclusively via and my Bandcamp page. Give it a listen! Grab a copy!

Starlings Unadorned is now available for purchase and digital download exclusively via and my Bandcamp page. Give it a listen! Grab a copy!

Latest News...

West Coast Tour with Rhett Miller This WEEK! Shows in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego... 

Dear Friends on the West Coast, 

It's been entirely too long! I'm playing some shows on your beautiful side of the country this week! I hope you can make it out. I'll be traveling with Rhett Miller of The Old 97s for these intimate shows. I'll be playing first and Rhett will follow. 

We'll be starting in Seattle on Wednesday, then Portland on Thursday, San Francisco on Friday, Los Angeles on Saturday and the finally San Diego on well... You get the idea. 

You can expect to hear songs from all across the albums and maybe even surprise or two here and there. 

Hope to see and play for ya... Click the image below for all details and tickets!

The Summer Kills 

So happy to let you guys know about this as well...

It just dawned on me that 1 week from today you’ll be able to hear our first official offering as The Summer Kills.  

An album created by Marc and Andrew (of Hammock) + Me.  

Seven years in the making. Surreal for its release to be approaching. Feels almost sudden. We turned every stone to make this exactly what we intended.  


It’s everything I want from music:  

Wildly cinematic and fully realized with poetry on its adventurous and moody sleeves.  

Love letters.  


I can’t wait for you to hear it.  

Follow us over on The Summer Kills Facebook Page so we can invite you to listen as the story develops.  

More soon...


Starlings Unadorned is enjoying a small but unlikely and beautiful story...  


Starlings Unadorned has been officially out for a little over a week now and your response has been beautiful. Thank you.

I'm happy to share that some friends at various outlets have taken notice as well and took the time to write beautifully about these stripped down versions of the songs off of Hustle Up Starlings. I wanted to share some of what they're saying about Starlings Unadorned.

And I wanted to offer a giant thank you to them as well. 

As many of you know, there's so much floating around out there. So many beautiful offerings just kind of wade patiently in the more shadowed parts of the ocean. For instance, I recently discovered Ian Felice's new album. Turns out some friends of mine helped birth that beautiful and moody collection. How did I not know it was out there? I don't know. Each of us navigates this new flood as best we can. I hope you'll check it out, here's a link to Ian's website. See if you love it too. 

But all of this is to say just how much more it means when you do find us. I'm a firm believer in what Cohen once said, it's the listener that dignifies a song. That doesn't happen for a song if it doesn't get found.

These mentions via these various outlets and blogs are happening organically. And while writerly advocacy always means so much to me, these handful of essays and mentions of Starlings Unadorned are motivated by people feeling compelled to help spread word of its release. 

It mean the absolute world to me and what’s possible. 

So thank you Routes and Branches, Twangville, Chimes Freedom, and Atlas and the Anchor. And of course thank you to American Songwriter Magazine. Though admittedly that one was an ask, but generously responded to... 

Click on the images below if you'd like to read the essays that have been written about Starlings Unadorned. 

And if you haven't already, Starlings Unadorned is available for $10 right HERE for immediate download: 

Alright! More soon. Stay well out there. 

M. Ryan


Here are the excerpts. Click the images to read more!


Check out the video for the acoustic version of I Just Died Like An Aviator... 

Hello Everyone,

I Just Died Like An Aviator (The Unadorned Version) is now available on Starlings Unadorned exclusively via Bandcamp right here:

Starlings Unadorned is a collection of selected tracks from Hustle Up Starlings that were pared down and recorded in their purest & starkest acoustic fashion. The collection is intended as a companion piece to the original versions that were beautifully produced by Brian Fallon and were performed, mixed and mastered by the greatest gang of friends a person could hope for. Starlings Unadorned also includes a handful of previously unreleased demos and songs. I hope you'll check it out. Grab a copy.

The video you'll see below was created by Charlotte Beatty, Chloe Barczak, Carina Begley and Gorman Bechard. And again, it acts as a companion to the original (I Just Died) Like An Aviator video that Gorman and the Girls made.

You can view the original (I Just Died) Like An Aviator video right here if you're interested:

(I Just Died) Like An Aviator - Original Official Video

Our hope is that together, the two videos offer an arc, a widening to the sense of story. It was Gorman's idea to do this. And Charlotte, Chloe and Carina brought it to vivid life. I am blown away by these young women. Their creativity and heart. They instill in me a hope for the future. So many young people do. And yeah, Gorman is pretty cool too. Be sure to check out  a bunch of Gorman's other beautiful work right HERE

Check out the video:

More dates just announced in the UK 

Friends in the UK, 

I'm happy to announce these handful of headlining dates immediately after those sure to be beautiful shows with The Gaslight Anthem in July. 

For the shows with Gaslight I'll have my gang the Northern Wires with me. For the headlining shows it will be myself accompanied by best friend and guitar player, Brian Bequette! 

Grab tickets as soon as ya can, all ticket links are LIVE. I can't wait to see and play for you guys again!

Go HERE for details and tickets, or click the image below.