"A shimmering wonder of a record"

– The Big Takeover

"A shimmering wonder of a record"

– The Big Takeover

Friends & Listeners,

It's with a gigantic grin I share the news that The Summer Kills album is now out and available everywhere we go online to discover music.

An absolute labor of love, The Summer Kills is the name for the music created by Marc and Andrew (of the ambient duo Hammock) and yours truly. We started making what would become our "debut" album 7 years ago. It's almost surreal that it's finally available to you and starting to live a life of its own.

Our "debut" album, is called Last Night We Became Swans. It came out on April 27th, 2018 and is now available EVERYWHERE!

For me, it was irresistible to take part in this music...

First off: 

I'm a gigantic fan of the emotional architecture that Marc and Andrew have been offering for over a decade now. They are among the very best in ambient/instrumental music. Their pieces deal in a deep emotionalism, it is smart and beautifully constructed, but above all it's all heart. In their work I find a rare generosity and optimism even as it explores sorrows. It's beautiful work. If you get the chance, watch the movie "Columbus". Marc and Andrew scored the film. It's an excellent introduction to the worlds they occupy.


Working with Marc and Andrew gave me the gift of being able to explore influences and textures and a "depth of field" that my talents and earthy songwriting just aren't as versed in. I came up with a folk and punk DIY engine, my playing and musicianship is utilitarian. And while there's a ton of cinema to be found there, I've spent the bulk of my energy over the years in the language. I love poets and great writing. I love the themes and plots we navigate. I've tried to document these things as beautifully and usefully as I could. Even still, growing up I've loved the work of Eno and The Blue Nile and Ride and The Sound and Joy Division and The Unforgettable Fire and Bowie; those early Waterboys records, The Twilight Singers, Sigur Rós... that list of more experimental and cinematic loves could go on and on, I love music that expertly enunciates the wild caves, romance, sorrow and lit up hopes of our hearts, when things sound like how we feel. Beethoven being the master of such offerings I suspect. So, speaking for myself here, this music with The Summer Kills was an invitation for me to explore the brightly broken and wide open heart of the big music. For me, it's a love letter via a love story (and in collaboration with some wildly talented friends) to the big music... And to love itself.

I hope you'll take the time to enjoy this with us, to settle in with each song, to let it bloom in the time required, to take this adventure with us... We love what we're offering to you. Go HERE to visit our new website and learn more about The Summer Kills


Best Always,

Matthew Ryan 



Some additional pertinent info regarding lyrics:

The Summer Kills full-length "debut" album, Last Night We Became Swans, was released on April 27th, 2018. When you purchase the album via our Bandcamp page you also get a beautifully designed PDF of all the lyrics and credits.

Purchase Last Night We Became Swans via our Bandcamp Page right HERE.