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Yup! Choose a song of mine that's special to you and I'll handwrite the lyrics for you and we'll mail them to you. Or if someone close to you holds a song of mine dearly, you can surprise them as well. I love the tactile nature of this. I hope you do too.

Here's how you do it (please read everything below):

Click the blue "ADD TO CART" tab above to order and purchase your handwritten lyrics. Each song cost $125. Then click "CHECK OUT" on the bottom right under the "Subtotal" amount. It will then take you to where you can put in the following information:

  • Take care to put in your name and address correctly
  • Put your song selection in the "NOTES" section under where you inputed your address
  • If you order multiple song lyrics going to one address just list the song titles you paid for in the "NOTES" section
  • Confirm your order and pay with a credit card, debit card or PayPal
  • Then I will handwrite the lyrics you requested and we'll mail them to you
  • Shipping & Handling is included in the price.

Very Important, Here's How You Communicate If You Would Like The Lyrics Mailed To Someone Else:

If you'd like the lyrics mailed to family or a friend at another address than yours, please take care to correctly input the name and full address of who you'd like to receive it in the "NOTES" section as well.

We will only mail to one address for each order. So if you have multiple handwritten songs you want mailed to different locations please do separate purchases for each song so you can supply unique addresses and names for each song you order. This will help to insure every order gets to where you wish it to go.

Once I have your order I will then handwrite the lyrics for the song of your choosing and we'll get them out to you. Each lyric will be written in pencil on paper just as I tend to do when writing new songs. Each will be signed and dated and mailed to you.

Also Very Important, My Handwriting Is Messy:

Please understand that I have pretty sloppy handwriting and I tend to have a lot of words in my songs, so please don't expect pristine penmanship and perfect straight lines. Some songs will require two pages. These will be handwritten and a little raw, maybe even a smear or coffee stain here and there. I love the tactile nature of this. Hope you do too.

And Please Note, Don't Request A Song I've Covered:

I have released a few covers over the years. I would not feel right charging and writing you lyrics for a song I did not actually write. So please make sure to choose a song written by yours truly! For example: Providence, Rainy Night In Soho and Somebody Got Murdered are all covers. I did not write them. This is probably universal knowledge hahahaha... But you know, save both of us some frustration and don't request those.

Shipping Info:

Orders will go out on Wednesdays and Fridays.

In the U.S., if you'd like to receive your lyrics in time for Christmas, we ask that you order by Sunday, December 15th. All song lyrics ordered on or before December 15th will go out on Monday, December 16th, at the very latest. 

Outside the U.S., we can't guarantee a Christmas arrival. But we will get them out to you as soon as possible once you've ordered (the sooner the better obviously).

The initial shipments of ordered handwritten lyrics will go out no later than Friday, December 6th.

Shipping & Handling and an achey wrist are included in the price.

This offers ends on January 6th, 2020, or at 50 handwritten lyric orders. Whichever comes first.

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