Summer Never Ends (The Quiet Version) Lyric Video



Hey there Friends and Listeners,

It's been a wildly busy time. So much coming up. But wanted to share this with you...

Here's a first listen to The Quiet Version of Summer Never Ends

I wanted to invite you to take a minute and give it a good listen. I love how the air and tone of a song can change over time. In different rooms, via a different guitar or time of day. 

And for the love of cinematic rock n roll, please listen on good speakers or headphones. Hahahaha. Even though this version is minimalist and unobstructed, it has a beautiful depth of field. 

So... Why this "Quiet Version" of Summer Never Ends? 

We wanted to celebrate (and help further announce) our upcoming European tour in July with The Gaslight Anthem. So I decided we'd release an EP of various explorations of one of my favorite songs off of Hustle Up Starlings. 

That simple idea turned into a really beautiful experience. 

The Quiet Version was recorded at home and will soon to be made available to you for free (or "Pay What You Want") via my Bandcamp page. Part of my intention with this was also a "Thank You" to all the generosity you friends and listeners have shown me over the last few years. And particularly in contributing to making the trip overseas with Gaslight easier. So genuinely, the EP is intended to be free for you. You don't have to pay anything. It's not expected. But I know some of you insist, so it's "Pay Wha You Want." And that's always, genuinely appreciated. The needs for financing music and all the efforts it always require income. Not to mention life itself. I know you understand. 

So check out the upcoming dates. We can't wait to see and play for you guys. Not to mention hang out with some great friends that made one of my favorite albums of the mid/late 2000s (you know, The '59 Sound). 

More details on the Summer Never Ends EP will be shared as this week gets under way!