Starlings Unadorned is Now Available for immediate download!

Hello Everyone, 

I hope this message finds all of you doing well. I wanted to let you know Starlings Unadorned (my new 12 Song collection of acoustic versions of select songs from Hustle Up Starlings as well as a handful of previously unreleased demos and songs) is NOW AVAILABLE for immediate download.

Starlings Unadorned is available exclusively via my Bandcamp Page

Just go HERE or click on the cover art immediately below to read about it, give it a listen, and purchase!

To help spread the word on this release, I’m also releasing a “Run Rabbit Run - EP” (that includes the Hustle Up Starlings version of Run Rabbit Run and a few selections from Starlings Unadorned) to the streaming music sites. Please feel free to share news of this release and the songs however you feel compelled to.

If you’re on Spotify, click the “Run Rabbit Run - Maxi Single” cover art below and it will take you to my Spotify Page. When you playlist our songs on Spotify, it really helps others to discover it. So you know, have at it!


Ok. I hope it all makes sense. Thank you for continuing to engage with, and welcome, my work into your lives. 

Don’t forget to check my TOUR DATES PAGE. There’s so much coming up, both solo and with my gang, The Northern Wires. 

And finally, last but not least... Please mark your calendars for April 27th. That’s the scheduled release date for my brand new collaboration with some great friends of mine. We’re calling ourselves The Summer Kills. It’s a beautiful full-length album. And I can’t wait for you guys to hear it. I genuinely believe it could be one of the beautiful dark horse releases this year. More details about The Summer Kills will be emerging in the coming weeks and months. 

Things are so very busy. I’m not hustling, I just feel so lit up by creativity and my friends and you guys. Know what I mean? 

Alright. Stay good out there. 


Matthew Ryan