Matthew Ryan Vs The Silver State is 10 Years Old!

10 years ago Matthew Ryan Vs The Silver State came out. 

“Jane, I Still Feel The Same” has gone on to enjoy millions and millions of plays and streams and high-fives. Though substantially less purchases (wink, wink, cough, cough). 

Funny how it's starting to feel like even my recent work seems long ago... But this song remains one of my favorites that I've offered ever, it's called "Closing In". 

Impressionistic and personal without falling into diary. It's a love letter to a handful of the loves of my life. Both people and ideas... And music. 

Stay pure and optimistic. Be an honest participant in the beauty that's always possible. 

My only regret is that it ends on the minor chord... I love so much of The Silver State album, but "Closing In" always strikes a certain chord with me.



A giant thank you to Doug Lancio, Brian Bequette, Steve Latanation, Eamon McLoughlin and Kate York for helping me bring this into the world. This song was only a hopeful skeleton without you guys. 

Alright. Thank you for allowing for this kind of indulgence. Feels good to love something from the past. As always, give it a listen and share if you're inclined. 

Here's another, more sentimental video version of "Closing In" on Youtube: 

A More Sentimental Video For "Closing In"

Here's the entire album, Matthew Ryan Vs The Silver State on Spotify:

Matthew Ryan Vs The Silver State on Spotify