Life Is Beautiful Is Now Available For PRE-ORDER!

Friends & Listeners, 

I hope this message finds you and yours doing well, staying well, and insisting on the rituals and work of hopefulness. Over the summer I spent much of my time exploring and trying to understand the piano better. I played and practiced every day. And while I won't suggest anything near virtuoso, I found a certain tone and feel available to me. So I leaned into it and honed my sense of feel. It felt like I found switches that lit certain constellations at night. I'm grateful some songs arrived. We all have so much on our minds and hearts lately. I found a place to converse with this hard time in these songs. As always, my intent was to find sense, feel and hope. In early October I safely went into the studio to record them. Some friends helped me widen their beauty and minimalism. I'm so grateful to be able to share them with you. 

Life Is Beautiful is the name of this collection. It's 3 songs, it runs 17 minutes total. 

It's available for Pre-Order right now, click the cover art below or go right here: LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL

Upon pre-ordering Life Is Beautiful you immediately get "Untitled Verses for Distances".

The EP will release exclusively via Bandcamp on Wednesday, November 25th. Everywhere else online on December 4th


M. Ryan