Hustle Up Starlings is now available for Pre-Order via CD & DIGITAL ALBUM!

Good Afternoon Everyone, 

Hustle Up Starlings is now available for Pre-Order via CD and Digital Album.  

One of the more beautiful parts of being a creative is this moment when our work starts to leave ourselves and enter the lives of others. Believe me when I say, I work hard to make what I've created with my friends worth you're welcoming. I believe we did something particularly special with Hustle Up Starlings. From the music, to the mixing and mastering, and finally to the tactile proof that it happened, a physical manifestation wrapped in plastic. But it comes to mean so much more to me. Hopefully to you as well.  

So now I get to invite you to Pre-Order your copy of Hustle Up Starlings on CD.  

I absolutely love the design and feel of this album art. For the first time in quite some time the lyrics are all included inside a beautiful and cinematic 8-Panel booklet. My friend and great designer, Joe Maiocco, did an amazing job bringing this to life. The paper is heavy and give that sense of smooth texture. The whole thing just looks and feels beautiful. And of course the sound is the exact fullness we intended. I could go on forever, but I won't. It just feels immersive. Like a great cover for a book. Or the opening scenes of a movie that you just know you're gonna love. 


The songs and track-list are exactly the same on both. Hustle Up Starlings will initially be available via Digital Albums and CD. We are discussing vinyl, I'll keep you posted on what we decide. Again, choose which you desire below and please read all the details on both pages so you know what to expect upon Pre-Ordering! I always want you to have an easy and dependable experience when purchasing from me.  

Thank you so much for your continued interest and participation. It means the world to me and my whole gang. I'll be keeping in touch a bit more. There's a lot of beauty ahead and I'm gonna try and share it with you without over saturating you. Hope all is well for you and yours. 

Hope to see ya soon! 

Matthew Ryan