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Good Morning Everyone, 

So it's my favorite time of year and I'm gonna get to see a bit of the country soon and play some songs. These shows are all gifted with a bunch of friends and special guests, so be sure to go to the website and see who will be joining me on the night near you. I know many of you are wanting me to play your town, and believe me, I want to too. But as I've said before, this is a small operation. I get to keep doing this for a living because I've learned to be very patient and not bite off more than I can chew. So be patient with me. And if you're nearby one of these shows, come out and say hello!  And if you're inclined, please share news of these shows with fellow music lovers.

Can't wait. All the adventure and autumn tuning up. Hope to see you guys!

All dates & info HERE: TOUR PAGE