New Battle Born Video, Americana Fest, Northern Wires & Lots of Coffee..

Tonight we play American Fest in Nashville at The High Watt. We play at 11pm!

I'll have The Northern Wires with me, and I'm really hoping you can join us. That being said, I felt it might be a good day to share this new video for BATTLE BORN. It's a bit of a tour diary, you know... 

6,000 miles, 10 shows and 40 gallons of coffee are documented via this DIY video for Battle Born. The ups, the downs, the late nights, bad food and beauty. All of it. It was all shot on phones and edited with thumbs.  

Hope it offers a grin here and there.  

Thank you to American Aquarium for having us on this tour with them. And thank you to Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas for the amazing scenery, and for being the amazing music lovers that you are.

Thank you, it was a beauty. More to come!