A very special cover of Wild Horses to be released soon for Joe Hill's "Book on Vinyl"

‪So COOL, please READ:‬ ‪ 

Joe Hills’ new and wonderful short story, Dark Carousel, is being released on vinyl. ‬I guess you’d call that a book on vinyl!?‬ ‪ 

Joe asked me if I’d record a version of Wild Horses to close the story.‬ ‪ 

So I called my friend Lex Price​, & we did something beautiful w/ that Rolling Stones monument of a song. ‬Then it was prepared and mastered for vinyl by my go-to mastering badass Hans DeKline.  

Hope you’ll get to experience the story and the hear our version of Wild Horses. You can read more about Joe’s new story, my version of Wild Horses, and the cool they’re releasing it by clicking on the image below: