Current EVENTS is now available world-wide via the digital sites for the 1st time!

Friends & Listeners,

I originally released Current EVENTS before the last presidential election in 2016 to simultaneously express my sense of dread (for the then coming events) and (to balance it) with my love for autumn. It was originally only available on Bandcamp until now.

Thank you so much to those of you that have purchased it. Your kind welcoming and engagement means the world to me. Always. 

So much of what we’ve been through is beyond words. Current EVENTS is a collection of instrumental tone poems. The “MR3” subtitle was intended to communicate my notion of seeing what I could do with 3 sounds (I mostly stuck to that idea). Minimalism is one of my favorite engines. “Song-wise” I feel it’s aged well. Though I wish it didn’t still feel so relevant to my internal mood and what we’re navigating. It is ultimately hopefully but spooky enough for October... 

The "LINK-TREE" for Current EVENTS is right HERE. It will guide you to everywhere Current EVENTS is presently available. It will update as more come available.

Stay hopeful out there. Stay healthy. 


M. Ryan

(Click the image below to listen on Spotify)