My First Interview In A Long Time...

A few weeks ago I sat (safely distanced) with my dear friend Clay Steakley for an interview for his fantastic "online-zine," Outer Voice. I welcomed him into my home and creative space and now you're invited too. 

It begins like this:

"Matthew Ryan makes two special afternoon drinks, one from incredibly strong coffee brewed on his stovetop in a Moka pot, and the other from vanilla chamomile tea — one to perk you up and one to even you out. Hot drinks like this could seem out of place on a Tennessee August afternoon, but Ryan is a creature neither of the summer nor of the expected, and he defies both so calmly that it seems only natural to accept a hot chamomile tea on a muggy, 90-some-odd-degree afternoon..."

We go on to talk for some time. There's a video as well as a beautiful essay. Hope you'll take a moment and check it out. Just go HERE or click the image below.