Listen Now To The Spanish Noir Of "Are You the Matador?", It's Track 1 From The Forthcoming Fallen Ash & Embers!

Dear Friends and Fellow Humans, 


Please take a minute to listen to the first single from Fallen Ash & Embers. It's called "Are You the Matador?" 

I'm so happy to share the beginning of this new chapter with you. The new Digital EP, Fallen Ash & Embers, is also now available for Pre-Order! Upon pre-ordering you'll get "Are You the Matador?" 

Go HERE to listen to "Are You the Matador" & pre-order Fallen Ash & Embers: 

Here's video "Are You the Matador?"

Some Brief Release Info: 

Fallen Ash & Embers will only be available digitally and on all streaming and download platforms worldwide . We love the discovery that services like Youtube, Apple & Spotify offer but streaming rates are very low, so please understand how much we appreciate when you purchase music directly from us!

Fallen Ash & Embers is an EP of 3 brand new songs gathered specifically for the cooler weather of 2019. Two are collaborations, and one is self-penned. This collection is intended as a short film of sorts for the ears. It runs right around 14 minutes from start to finish. It's inspired by the moment we're in, but not tied to. It's more interested in who we'll be after this fever breaks. 

Also, it's not required (because Hans did such a beautiful job mastering Fallen Ash & Embers and it will sound great via all systems and speakers), but these songs were mixed to be listened to on old school "over-the-ear" headphones. So if you have a good pair nearby, please put them on for an immersive listening experience.

Here’s to beauty in the unexpected. Hope this brings a grin and some of that “warm lightning” to your head and chest. 


M. Ryan