Verbicide Premiers "It's A Delicate Waltz"

Hello Everyone!

We wanted to invite you to the 2nd Premier of the day:  

"It's a Delicate Waltz" 

Thank you to VERBICIDE for having us!

As of sharing this every song from Hustle Up Starlings has now been premiered and shared via the hard work of the gang hunkered down on Starlings' behalf and the generous outlets that were compelled to participate. I don't know what happens from here but I must say, I'm simply grateful.  

It's fitting now that this is the song that this beautiful part of our efforts "concludes" with:  

"Under a glittering sky,  

I swear I meant no harm,  

I wish I could lean back in time,  

To my lover's arms..."

-- It's A Delicate Waltz 

Listen, Read and Share (if you're inclined). Click the "LYRIC ART" designed by Joe Maiocco below or click right HERE!‪