This Sunday At The Rex In Pittsburgh...

This Sunday I'm participating in a Fundraiser/Benefit for the legendary bass player of The Houserockers, Art Nardini. It's also a Bob Dylan Tribute. I chose this song because it lit me up as a kid, was a burst a light to every part of my mind and thinking and feeling. And because it feels (unfortunately) profoundly timely. 

No one can deliver like Bob, so I tried to bend it to my current mood and mode. Below is a preview. Hope it moves you, and if it doesn't, I hope it compels you to give the original a listen. You can find it on The Freewheeelin' Bob Dylan (my personal favorite of Dylan's early albums). 

Here are the details for the show in Pittsburgh this Sunday for Art Nardini. It's at The Rex Theater. We'd love to see you guys. The show starts at 8pm. I believe I go on first. I also start a Autumn Tour next week, so please take a look to see if I'm coming near you. Would love to see you!! Check out the TOUR PAGE!

Alright. Hope you're all doing and feeling good! See you soon. You can view the sneak-peak for the Dylan song I'll be performing right HERE: