Things only look quiet...

Good Morning Everyone!

Just a short note to finally say Happy New Year to you all. I hope January is easing you guys into the plots and beauty ahead. Things have been very busy over here, though they may appear quiet via the socials. That's just not the case. I'm currently working on a handful of things that will be announced when the timing is right. Rest assured songs are being written, and the "architecture" of the next album is well into that strange process. It's almost a waltz, there's a certain grace that's required. Every record feels a bit like Moby Dick, but the one that's emerging, particularly so. Some great songs have been written. And some that just aren't quite there. Others that are just awful. It's funny and hard sometimes to know the difference. Only time tends to sort those things out. It's taking a strength, persistence and patience that I haven't known in some time. I've decided when it comes to albums, my albums, I wish to offer you only the very best of what I'm capable of. That may seem obvious, or even a bit odd, but you might be surprised by the forces that influence what eventually reaches you. From inside, and out. I'm insisting on only the purest skeletons, skin, playing, cinema, observation, interior and "poetics" possible. Boxers has recharged, reignited something in me. It's drawn a lot of lines that I believe needed to be drawn. I'm so grateful to all involved with Boxers. It continues to be discovered, we'll keep doing what we can on its behalf. 

I didn't intend to write so cryptically. But the intersections in this process bring a certain reflection. As does life. Things are beautiful and changing up here in Western Pennsylvania. Winter has settled in. Last night I took a drive and it was so cold it was as if the snow had turned to glitter. The headlights were straight ahead and surveying all that "quiet." It was beautiful. There's a lot ahead.

Stay tuned!

M. Ryan