The Future Was Beautiful is now available via the streaming sites world-wide!

Friends & Listeners, 

This is an important note to you regarding The Future Was Beautiful. Please take a moment to read when ya can. 

The Future Was Beautiful is now available worldwide via the streaming sites. 


And on APPLE Music

More to come this afternoon, but first a brief explanation of my intentions: 

The hope was to slow-walk an album out to you this year. It was inspired by the perfect concision of Every Picture Tells A Story. Though musically, a different mood. I hoped allowing time for each song would add up to a different life in this quickness for the work. 

It was a crazy notion. 

I hope you’ll listen now as it was intended, in sequence, each song into the next. 

And here you’ll find The Future Was Beautiful video playlist on YouTube

However you listen, I hope you will. 

Your shares and saves and playlist inclusions (for the songs you love) would be appreciated. 

Best Always, 
M. Ryan