The Boot Premiers The Acoustic Guitar & Cello Driven "All I Wanted"

Today, THE BOOT is premiering the acoustic guitar and cello driven "ALL I WANTED" off of Hustle Up Starlings... 

Click the PREVIEW IMAGE below to hear the song and read The Boot's full thoughts on "All I Wanted".

"A dose of brutal reality" 
- The Boot 

Here are some of the lyrics... 

"...Don't put your heart 
In the hands of imbeciles 
You could end up worse 
Than dead or killed 

Yeah it's bittersweet 
The smiles we knew 
Now we’re both creeping around 
Like Nosferatu 

All I wanted 
Was one more chance 
Before closing time..." 

-- All I Wanted (Track 9 off Hustle Up Starlings) 

Here the link to the premier again: 

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