Starlings Unadorned is enjoying a small but unlikely and beautiful story...


Starlings Unadorned has been officially out for a little over a week now and your response has been beautiful. Thank you.

I'm happy to share that some friends at various outlets have taken notice as well and took the time to write beautifully about these stripped down versions of the songs off of Hustle Up Starlings. I wanted to share some of what they're saying about Starlings Unadorned.

And I wanted to offer a giant thank you to them as well. 

As many of you know, there's so much floating around out there. So many beautiful offerings just kind of wade patiently in the more shadowed parts of the ocean. For instance, I recently discovered Ian Felice's new album. Turns out some friends of mine helped birth that beautiful and moody collection. How did I not know it was out there? I don't know. Each of us navigates this new flood as best we can. I hope you'll check it out, here's a link to Ian's website. See if you love it too. 

But all of this is to say just how much more it means when you do find us. I'm a firm believer in what Cohen once said, it's the listener that dignifies a song. That doesn't happen for a song if it doesn't get found.

These mentions via these various outlets and blogs are happening organically. And while writerly advocacy always means so much to me, these handful of essays and mentions of Starlings Unadorned are motivated by people feeling compelled to help spread word of its release. 

It mean the absolute world to me and what’s possible. 

So thank you Routes and Branches, Twangville, Chimes Freedom, and Atlas and the Anchor. And of course thank you to American Songwriter Magazine. Though admittedly that one was an ask, but generously responded to... 

Click on the images below if you'd like to read the essays that have been written about Starlings Unadorned. 

And if you haven't already, Starlings Unadorned is available for $10 right HERE for immediate download: 

Alright! More soon. Stay well out there. 

M. Ryan


Here are the excerpts. Click the images to read more!