New song to premier at 2pm EST today!

To celebrate the upcoming tour dates (the first "headlining" dates in almost 2 years) we'll be premiering a lyric vid for a NEW SONG from the forthcoming album at 2pm EST today! It's the most heartbreaking and hopeful piece of rock n roll I may have ever written and recorded and will soon be offering to you guys on the new album. The band on this song kills it, kills me. Once again it's Brian Bequette , Brian Fallon, Joe Magistro, Kevin Salem , myself and some giant gang vocals. Yeah, it's ambitiously honest and full of immovable affection for the characters it's written for. One being a great old punk rock friend and one of Nashville's grumpiest and finest live sound engineers Frank Sass . The song isn't just about Frank, it's about several people. As is often the case it's an amalgamation, myself included. But its goal is to communicate the brotherhood/sisterhood in following a dream all the way down and through the hard curves and trials and disappointments and glowing victories that certain ethos color our lives with. It's about Rock N Roll, but it could be about any dream or work that's worth breaking your heart over so you can pass a torch to whoever has its back with the integrity of an idea worth fighting for. Is that vague? I hope the song makes it clear. I believe it will.