NEW ALBUM ANNOUNCEMENT & COVER ART REVEALED: Matthew Ryan - Hustle Up Starlings to be released May 12th, 2017

Hello Everyone,

Let me just say what appears to arrive fully formed took hours, days, even years of beautiful and blinding searchlight work by so many. Alone and then collaborative, it's always a labor of love. I always feel lucky in these moments when finally I get to share "it." This is just the beginning... Again. I'm very excited. I love the work we've done. It's soon to surface. We invested all the heart, smarts and honest cinema we were capable of. I feel strongly these songs will become great companions. But in the meantime... 

Below is the cover art for my new album, Hustle Up Starlings. It will be released on May 12th, 2017. 

Starlings was Produced by Brian Fallon. It includes performances by Brian Bequette, Brian Fallon, David Henry, Doug Lancio, Brad Pemberton and yours truly. It was mixed and recorded by Doug Lancio. And Hans DeKline once again mastered it into that shimmering film to be wildly welcoming. 

The cover photo is by Jack Spencer. 

The cover art and packaging and more was designed by Joe Maiocco. 

Please help us to spread this news. 

Alright. More details soon. 

Thank you, Guys. Always. Can't wait to share this music with you. 

Matthew Ryan.