If you prefer digital albums, Hustle Up Starlings is now available for Pre-Order at Bandcamp!

The digital album of Hustle Up Starlings is now exclusively available for Pre-Order at Bandcamp. Upon PRE-ORDERING you'll get the title track instantly. You can listen to the title track and read along with the lyrics right there via the link below if ya like! Please read the description on the linked page if you have any questions regarding digital albums! 

Here's the link: Digital Album Pre-Order For Matthew Ryan's Hustle Up Starling Via Bandcamp 

We love Bandcamp because it offers many options in the quality of sound you can download. We suggest the highest MP3 size they offer if you like listening on a mobile device, they sound real good and they won't take up too much room on your phone. Plus Bandcamp is an independent company with the best interests and experience of listeners and artists alike as its central motivation. In other words, it's driven by the love of music, from and for all sides.  

So here's a couple answers to a couple other questions you might have right now: 

The CD Pre-Order will start on this Wednesday, April 19th. 

iTunes Pre-Order will start on April 24th. 

Thank you guys!. Hope all of you are doing and feeling well out there. Apologies if you haven't heard from me in the real world, it's crazy busy around here right now. All good and beautiful stuff. 

More to come!