Happy St. Patrick's Day and Until Kingdom Come...

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Everyone! Here's a video I recorded yesterday in my Writing Room for you guys.  

Here's why I did it: 

"Always feel a little goofy "filming" myself singing one of my songs. But as always the hope is to offer something good and honest to you guys. Yeah I'm reading the lyrics while doing this and still manage to jank-up some of the words. But even with the shifty eyes and the slight discomfort of "being filmed," Until Kingdom Come gets represented alright here. Last night my friend Joe asked me why I hadn't done a video for Kingdom Come yet. And earlier today another friend ask me if I was gonna take part in CXCW this year. So... Two, maybe three birds with one stone...? Hahaha... Hopefully! So here ya go Joe, Dean, CXCW and to anyone else that stumbles upon this.The reason I chose Until Kingdom Come for this St. Patrick's Day video is that it references a song by Ewan MacColl that I was first introduced to by The Pogues, it felt like a natural choice. Besides, it speaks to that great Irish tradition of smart, humorous and joyful melancholy. Hope you enjoy it. 

Can't sing this song without thinking about my great friend John Anderson. Always on my mind, my man."

The video is below, or you can go HERE to view in on Youtube!

Alright. Be safe and have fun out there. More soon!
Matthew Ryan