"Farewell" - New Song & Video for You...



This just came out this morning. It’s available pretty much everywhere world-wide where you listen and stream music. It’s called “Farewell”. It’s a cover of one of my favorite early Rod Stewart songs. It was written around the time that I was born. That was yet another time of turmoil, confused compasses and eventual hope. Martin Quittenton and Rod Stewart wrote it. 

We did this hoping to warm your ears a little. This is such a strange and hard time we’re all moving through. For me, music is always an essential sense of fight, good fight and shared experience. A sense that we are here to make what’s beautiful not only possible, but real. 

All love, gratitude and respect to Dave Coleman and Kevin Salem for making this beautiful noise. Dave did most of the heavy lifting, Kevin batted “clean-up”. I got the joy of just singing to the determined noise they made... 

It’s hard to believe with what we know of Rod Stewart now, all that he’s accomplished, that he inhabited these words. I love its simple story of defiant hope, youthful optimism. Sometimes strings are chains. We have to know when change is not only preferable, it’s necessary. 

The video was made by my dear friend Tom Sierchio. Our hope was to express the circular nature of our conflicts and how we crash sometimes, but we have to keep going. And besides all that, those cars are badass. 

Thank you to Joe Maiocco for designing the cover art you’ll see on the listening platforms. And always love to Hans DeKline for his beautiful mastering work. 

Finally, if you’re inclined: Save, share and playlist this song or any songs you love. It really does help artists like myself that are fully independent. 

Here it is on Apple / iTunes: Matthew Ryan "Farewell" on iTunes

On Spotify: Matthew Ryan "Farewell" on SPOTIFY

YouTube: "Farewell" Music Video Directed by Tom Sierchio on YouTube

Hope it warms ya up a bit. 


M. Ryan