A new song for you and yours (it's free) is available right now!

Friends & Listeners, 

Last Friday John Scalzi asked if I’d finish a song he’d started after his bout with Covid. 

I like John as a human, and he’s a hell of writer and novelist. The words were good and pure, almost desperate in their optimism for our lives, distances and intimacies beyond this year... So I tightened some bolts, found a melody & recorded a demo for him. 

I love it. It’s hot off the press as they say. So John and I are letting this feel of collaboration, warmth and friendship guide us. I believe the song is durable. Time will tell... So... 

In the spirit of this hopeful song in a hard year, we wanted to gift it to you. It’s FREE. No strings attached. A simple offering. 

It’s FREE right here until New Year’s Day 2021. Go listen and grab a copy: 


I can't wait to be in rooms with you and music again. In the meantime, love to you and yours. Have as beautiful a holiday season as possible.


M. Ryan