In the meantime... 

We'll be releasing more details and a release date for my new record soon. In the meantime I've been doing some covers in the studio to keep myself occupied.

Here's a cover I did of The National's I Need My Girl. Give it a listen, and might I suggest this sounds particularly good on headphones. This was me experimenting alone in my project studio, but Kevin Salem helped by sussing out some frequency issues in the mix. My upcoming record is a pure Rock n Roll record produced by Kevin, it's noisy and big with feedback and a band in the room rumble so don't view this National cover as a preview of what to expect of what's around the corner sonically. I might post a couple more covers in the coming weeks. We'll see. Above all though I can't wait for you to hear the new record. You should start stretching because it really is a movie with fists in the air through-out. I don't want anyone ending up with tennis elbow. I love this record, I suspect a lot of you will too.

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