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We currently have some exclusive digital singles and albums,  as well as a nice selection of CDs!

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We currently have some exclusive digital singles and albums, as well as a nice selection of CDs!

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Some announcements around the corner. Stay Tuned... 

Working on something very special right now. Something so dear to me. Can't wait to announce it and a bunch of other news. Details soon. In the meantime, doing all I can to keep up my end of the bargain with a lot of help from some friends. Sounding beautiful. Stay tuned.

Current Events, My New 8 Song Ambient Instrumental EP, Is Now Available For Purchase!! 

Hello Everyone, 

Happy to announce NEW MUSIC for autumn! This was a labor of love. Please read this whole post to get a sense of what my intentions were and why I'm offering this.

My 8 Song Ambient Instrumental (DIGITAL ONLY) EP, Current EVENTS, is now available for purchase and download HERE: 

Follow Bandcamp's instructions upon purchasing, their download system is quite simple, just follow their instructions. Bandcamp also offers unlimited streaming via their Bandcamp App upon purchasing. If you pre-ordered and haven't received your Download Link, PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDERS!

This is a digital only release, there will be no hard copies printed at this time! 



Autumn is my favorite time of year, so vivid and constantly changing in air and look. I love the stark winters that follow up here where I'm living in Western Pennsylvania. Hills and rivers and trains, steel bridges and old architecture. And even still, the constant incoming of technology and information and the election. The troubles around the world and the country, the stresses and dissonance, and the seeming suddenness we've come to know so well. I wanted to make a companion to all that cinema. But I wanted it to operate without hype or force. Current EVENTS is offered to be experienced at a quieter to mid-level volume, it welcomes the ambient noise of wherever you live or what you're doing without invading your thoughts. It's intent is almost a soundtracking to you being leading women and men. Like Tom Waits said "All broken down by the side of the road, I never felt more alive and alone." That's what I tried to do here, to connect with those moments that sprawl. It's driving music, driving to work or stores or nowhere. Music for leaving and music for arriving. It's late night music, or rush hour music. Music for falling in love and being alone. Music for interiors. Music to make your friends worry about you... Hahahaha...  

I've loved the ambient work of Brian Eno, and the instrumental work of Ryuichi Sakamoto for years. The Cinema Paradiso pieces by Ennio Morricone have been constant companions for me since forever now. I've often thought instrumental music was the most generous music because it imposed no dialogue. It's pure, and allows each of us to immerse ourselves in our own stories and plots and beauties and aches. I've often found that some of my best lyric writing comes after a period of listening to a lot of instrumental music. Almost as if the absence of language reconnects me to my own interior. That's what I hope this collection offers to you. I don't pretend to be as proficient at this type of music as the artists I mentioned above, or even as my friends in Hammock and Our Ceasing Voice. I am a tourist when it comes to this. I don't consider myself a composer or even a particular gifted arranger. But I am a pretty good at offering weather via sound and simplicity, and I love the process. Hopefully these pieces become ladders and ropes and hallways to your own thoughts. Ultimately, that's the goal. Again, at its root, I hope this collection offers you yourself. That's why there's no voice or language on Current EVENTS. I wanted you to hear your own voice here. It's my guess that that's what a song should always be doing, because in ourselves we find each other. 

Above all I hope you enjoy this music, that it becomes a good companion.  

All the best, always... 

Matthew Ryan

This Sunday At The Rex In Pittsburgh... 

This Sunday I'm participating in a Fundraiser/Benefit for the legendary bass player of The Houserockers, Art Nardini. It's also a Bob Dylan Tribute. I chose this song because it lit me up as a kid, was a burst a light to every part of my mind and thinking and feeling. And because it feels (unfortunately) profoundly timely. 

No one can deliver like Bob, so I tried to bend it to my current mood and mode. Below is a preview. Hope it moves you, and if it doesn't, I hope it compels you to give the original a listen. You can find it on The Freewheeelin' Bob Dylan (my personal favorite of Dylan's early albums). 

Here are the details for the show in Pittsburgh this Sunday for Art Nardini. It's at The Rex Theater. We'd love to see you guys. The show starts at 8pm. I believe I go on first. I also start a Autumn Tour next week, so please take a look to see if I'm coming near you. Would love to see you!! Check out the TOUR PAGE!

Alright. Hope you're all doing and feeling good! See you soon. You can view the sneak-peak for the Dylan song I'll be performing right HERE:

Check out the Tour Dates page! 

Good Morning Everyone, 

So it's my favorite time of year and I'm gonna get to see a bit of the country soon and play some songs. These shows are all gifted with a bunch of friends and special guests, so be sure to go to the website and see who will be joining me on the night near you. I know many of you are wanting me to play your town, and believe me, I want to too. But as I've said before, this is a small operation. I get to keep doing this for a living because I've learned to be very patient and not bite off more than I can chew. So be patient with me. And if you're nearby one of these shows, come out and say hello!  And if you're inclined, please share news of these shows with fellow music lovers.

Can't wait. All the adventure and autumn tuning up. Hope to see you guys!

All dates & info HERE: TOUR PAGE 


Previous events

An Evening w/ Matthew Ryan at The Historic St. Joseph's Church in Galveston, TX

St. Joseph's , 2202 Avenue K, Galveston, TX 77550

Tickets: $20 Show: 7PM

Galveston Historical Foundation will open the doors to the 1859 St. Joseph’s Church for a special night of music with acclaimed singer-songwriter Matthew Ryan. Ryan’s performance will be completely acoustic, only using the incredible acoustics of the historic venue to highlight his highly regarded craft. A special selection of craft beer and wine will be available for attendees with donation.

Matthew Ryan w/ special guest Molly Thomas

Satori Coffee House , 5460 Old Shell Rd, Mobile, AL

A specially student priced Evening with Matthew Ryan plus very special guest Molly Thomas at Satori Coffee House in Mobile, AL

Tickets are only $5 and only available at the door

DOOR & SHOWTIME Details SOON! Stay tuned!

An Evening w/ Matthew Ryan plus Special Guest Neilson Hubbard

The Family Wash, 626 Main Street , Nashville, TN

This event is CONFIRMED. Tickets will be $10.

Happy to announce my old friend (and fellow singing and writing compatriot in Strays Don't Sleep) will be opening the night!

Yes... Maybe we'll revisit a song or two. We'll see.


9PM Neilson Hubbard 10PM Matthew Ryan

A ticket link should be available "soon" right here:

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